Open Hour 2021-NOV-18

November 18, 2021 - Alyssa Rock


  • General updates and announcements
  • Release updates
  • Community forum updates
  • Heist updates
  • Working group updates
  • Salt extension module for vSphere
  • Salt Enhancement Proposals
  • Q&A

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General updates and announcements

  • Open Hour frequency changes
    • Every 1st and 3rd Thursday at 10-11am PDT.
    • The agenda will be published before meeting.
    • The new Community Open Hour cadence will allow us to include better updates and demos by better aligning with the Core development team’s sprint cycles.
  • SaltConf21 recap
    • Was held on November 3-4
    • Over 40 different events, including a keynote, breakout sessions, labs for new Salt users, networking hours, and a demo jam.
    • Over 30 different content assets that can be used for a variety of applications over the next year.
    • Videos of breakout sessions can be accessed through the Salt Project YouTube channel on the SaltConf21 playlist.
    • Gary Giesen was the 2021 Salt Community Champion. Congratulations!


Release updates

Community forum updates

  • This week’s featured issue came as a question from IRC: a user wanted to understand why the file server keeps making incorrect assumptions about what counts as a symlink.
  • Gareth investigated and learned that the code was making some strange and incorrect assumptions about what would count as a symlink. Gareth implemented a fix and is currently developing tests for the fix. Hopefully the issue resolution will be fixed for the upcoming Phosphorus
  • As a temporary workaround, if you encounter this issue it seems as though turning off “follow symlinks” in the file server seems to help for now.

Heist updates

  • Active development is ongoing for Heist
  • We are currently working on creating a Salt extension for Heist
  • The extension is being developed in a private repository for now, but it is under review for an eventual public release.
  • On the roadmap for Heist:
    • Will add Onedir support since the current Heist can only use single binary
    • Will then expand to provide Windows support

Working group updates

  • Alyssa Rock is the new Docs working group captain. She doesn’t officially join the project until December, so the working group likely won’t meet until 2022.
  • We are rebooting the Kubernetes working group. If you are interested, contact Gareth Greenaway for details.

Salt extension module for vSphere

Salt Enhancement Proposals (SEPs)

Open Salt Enhancement Proposals (SEPs)

Q&A plus discussion

  • Q: Can you tell us more new transports for RabbitMQ? Is it possible for community members to test this feature and give feedback?
    • These pull requests are still new and some of them are works in progress, but you can take an early look at those pull requests for an initial proof of concept:
    • Feel free to review and try them out on a virtual machine.