Open Hour 2022-DEC-15

December 15, 2022 - Alyssa Rock


  • General updates and announcements
  • New Salt Project website and E-store
  • Docs working group updates
  • Demo: Bug fixes
  • Q&A plus discussion

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General updates and announcements

  • This is our last open hour of the year. Thank you for a great 2022!
  • Open Hours are usually held every 1st and 3rd Thursday from 10a.m. to 11a.m. Pacific.
  • Our next Salt Community Open Hour will be January 5th.
  • Join a Salt Project working group!


New Salt Project website and E-store

  • The new Salt Project website is live! Check it out:
  • The new website includes:
    • Easier access to GitHub and the community calendar
    • Easier for new community members to get started.
    • Heaver focus on media for instruction and information.
  • And check out the new Salt Project store:
  • The store includes:
    • Features all new merchandise for both Salt Project and Idem Project.
    • Includes prizes for amazing contributions and feats of skill!
    • Additional unique and amazing selections are on the way!

Docs working group updates

  • The Salt docs working group is growing (up to 4 regular members!) and we’re working on some exciting doc epics that will hopefully have a lot of value for the community and for the project:
    • Module documentation quality standards – We’re creating new standards for to make the module documentation more useful and helpful. We’ll create several pieces of supporting documentation to empower contributors to write documentation that meets these standards: templates, guidelines, examples, etc. Later, we’ll work on an initiative to get the most important modules into compliance with these new standards.
    • New docs landing page – We’re conducting user research and interviewing stakeholders to develop our Salt user personas and ensure that these personas match reality. Then, we’ll design a new docs landing page to help those user segments quickly and easily find what they need in the Salt docs.
    • Windows for Salt onboarding guide – We want to make it easier for Windows users to onboard with Salt. To create this guide, we will collaborate with the Windows working group and work to consolidate the existing guides into one source of truth, verify that the process is correct, and ensure that it is as user-friendly as possible.
  • How you can help:
    • We want to give a targeted survey to a select group of Salt community members and users in January.
    • We are looking for Salt users to do 30-minute interviews about how you use Salt. We’ll discuss how you use Salt and the pain points in your journey as you first learned Salt or as you have been using the docs.
    • Contact Alyssa Rock via DM or post in #documentation on the Salt community Slack to volunteer.

Demo: Bug fix

  • Gareth Greenaway demonstrated how he solved a bug fix for:‚Äč
  • Watch the video recording of the Open Hour for the demo. (The link is on the YouTube channel linked at the top of this post.)

Q&A plus discussion

  • Q: I’m looking for the best way to implement this feature I want to build and ensure it gets merged in. Can you offer advice?
    • A: The team talked extensively about possible approaches. It sounds like there is a need for the PR and that Watch the video recording of the Open Hour for the conversation.
  • Q: Can the Open Hour be moved earlier in the day to accommodate community members in EMEA (Europe)?
    • A: We can definitely consider it! Let us know how many people would benefit from this change?
  • Q: Does anyone know if there is a known issue with RedHat system and bridged interfaces? We’ve seen the problem on 7, 8, and 9.
    • A: There is an open issue for this and it is assigned to Gareth. He will make it a high priority.
  • Q: What is the 3006 release target?
    • A: We’re looking at February. RC1 will hopefully be before the holiday break. We want to allow lots of time to test the RC.