Open Hour 2022-JUNE-2

June 2, 2022 - Alyssa Rock


  • General updates and announcements
  • VMware to be acquired by Broadcom
  • Open sourcing of native minions
  • Test clinic report
  • Q&A plus discussion

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General updates and announcements


VMware to be acquired by Broadcom

  • It’s very early, and there’s not much to talk about.​
  • We’re currently in a “shop-around” phase​ where VMware will allow other companies to make a competing acquisition bid.
  • The acquisition close won’t happen for several months, no sooner than November and as late as a year from now.

Open sourcing of native minions

  • Today we are happy to announce the open-sourcing of several SaltStack native minions to the Salt Project. While we will continue to support these and all our other native minions for our enterprise customers using SaltStack Config and SaltStack SecOps. ​
  • Salt has always been a strong, passionate community of contributors and we believe it is best for the project, our community, and users that these be handed over to the community for the next phase of development. ​
  • Native minions: ​
    • AIX ​
    • Arista ​
    • Juniper ​
    • Raspberry Pi ​
    • Solaris

Test clinic report

  • Test clinics are held Tuesdays and Thursdays. Check the community calendar for times.
  • This week Wayne helped with Returner API tests.
  • He will be out of the office from June 17-28, so he won’t hold Test Clinics during those times.
  • We’re restarting the testing working group!
    • Looking to measure and improve our unit test coverage. Come out and join us!
    • Planning for June 30 – ping Wayne on Slack or IRC if you’re interested, especially if morning Central Time isn’t very good for you!​

Q&A plus discussion

  • Q: Can you provide more information about the native minion announcement?
    • A: Yes, we did announce them in June of last year. Losing some SREs cut back our plans and the resources we could spend on it. The upcoming 3005 (Phosphorus) will be the last supported release and then we’ll open source these repositories after some clean-up. Salt will not be signing the releases. You’ll have to provide your own certification.
    • The main reason for the decision was to reprioritize the time our team spends supporting development initiatives.