Open Hour 2022-MAY-5

May 5, 2022 - Alyssa Rock


  • General updates and announcements
  • RADIO 2022
  • Community forum update
  • Test clinics
  • Q&A plus discussion

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General updates and announcements


RADIO 2022

  • RADIO is sponsored by the Office of the CTO, RADIO is VMware’s annual R&D Innovation Offsite that brings together VMware’s technologists and leaders from around the world in the spirit of ingenuity and collaboration.
  • This is primarily an internal VMware event. However, guests are welcome to attend.
  • Tom Hatch had a breakout session called “The Trinity of Open Source.” The Trinity of Open Source creates a model to drive a new, unified strategy that can be used to support open source initiatives, drive revenue, and own ecosystems.
  • See for more information.

Community forum update

  • Today’s featured issue: Minion modules dynamic configuration using pillars or grains, such as for the mysql module.
  • Most of the time, people put those configurations in a file and then restart the minion to pick up the configuration, but there is a better way!
  • Most modules have a config.option to pull those from pillars or grains, so that you don’t have to restart the minion to pick it up. Consider putting it in pillar because often configurations consist of passwords that need to be kept secure anyway.
  • For minions, there are only a few situations where you need to restart them. However, that’s not true for masters.

Test clinics

  • Test clinics are held Tuesdays and Thursdays. Check the community calendar for times.
  • This week Wayne has been working with APIs to make the tests compatible with multiple API backends.
  • He also looked at some PRs to reduce flaky tests for sdb. The problem is that the Docker container spins up and the tests go in so fast that they are applied before the services start in the Docker container. The fix is to tell the tests to either keep trying or wait until the services have responded.
  • Wayne also helped suggest how to write tests for some of the PRs at a high level.
  • We’re working on restarting the Testing working group soon!

Q&A plus discussion

  • We started the Q and A by reading out some questions from the community in Slack that hadn’t been resolved yet. Check the video of Open Hour for the answers.
  • Q: I’ve got a multi-master setup and I’m having caching issues. Can (and should) the localfs cache be shared between multiple masters?
    • A: That’s not recommended. Wayne recently wrote a bunch of tests and found many bugs occurring in the various caching services. He wrote a bunch of tests. Try applying that patch and see if it helps. See
  • Q: Is there any way we could develop a feature that allows minions to be able to apply configuration files during a run?
    • A: There have been a lot of requests for this feature, but it would require significant development time to create this feature. As an alternative, have you considered using orchestration or just writing in a way to pull in the configuration information directly during the run?