Open Hour 2022-OCT-6

October 6, 2022 - Alyssa Rock


  • General updates and announcements
  • Salt v3003 extended life support
  • Salt pull requests
  • From the community forums
  • Q&A plus discussion

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General updates and announcements

  • Open Hours are usually held every 1st and 3rd Thursday from 10a.m. to 11a.m. Pacific.
  • Our next Salt Community Open Hour will be October 20.
  • Join a Salt Project working group!


Salt v3003 extended life support

  • Salt version 3003 entered extended life support on September 30, 2022. See Salt version support lifecycle for more information.
  • That means Salt v3003 users won’t receive any more updates from this point forward.

Salt pull requests

  • Shout out to Gareth Greenaway, Megan Wilhite, and the entire Salt Core team. They’re currently merging 60+ pull requests a week. Last week, they merged 73!

From the community forums

  • Today’s issue: reactor Jinja do’s and don’ts.
  • Recently someone in the community wanted to use reactors for timed events. Instead, we recommend using an orchestration that does the time-limiting. Otherwise, you could cause lots of problems because the event bus treats reactor events as a blocking action. So, if you have anything that slows down that rendering, it could cause the events on the event bus to pile up. When that happens, the event bus can sometimes start hitting its thresholds and you risk losing data.
  • The best practice is to keep the reactor as simple and fast as possible. Don’t do any file writing or querying out to the minions using reactors because that could really slow down things. If you need grains info, you can get the grains data from the cache instead of trying to query for it from the minion.
  • Keep reactors short, sweet, to the point. Unlike state files, if the reactor renders out to a blank file, it is is completely fine. Reactors are the only system that can render to a blank file without throwing an error.

Q&A plus discussion

  • Q: According to the 3005 release notes, the etcd version 2 API will be deprecated. However, the release notes don’t say when this will no longer be supported and there haven’t been any documentation updates. Can you provide guidance on that?
    • A: Etcd itself has dropped support for version 2, which is why we’re dropping support. It will be deprecated in Argon (two releases from now). The reason it’s not documented is because this is in the util and we don’t produce docs for the utils.
    • The team took an action item to include the deprecation dates for the changelog.
  • Q: For, I need help from someone who has a Mac testing apparatus. It’s a time-based test that is failing. MacOS seems to be the only one impacted.
    • A: This actually sounds like an issue in the test suite. When we run the full test suite on it, it passes. So it means we need to clean those tests up and that the issue is with them rather than the PR.
    • Here is the issue to track the work to fix those tests:
  • Q: We were supposed to have an in-depth Q&A about onedir last open hour. Do we have a new date on that Q&A for onedir?
    • Yes, the plan is still to do that session. We weren’t able to sync up and make that happen for this open hour, but it will happen some time. It will most likely next open hour.