Predictive Orchestration for the Event-Driven Infrastructure

December 17, 2015 - Rhett Glauser
Event-driven infrastructure is so hot right now

To quote Mugatu, Zoolander philosopher, “Predictive orchestration is so hot right now.” OK. Maybe he didn’t say it exactly this way…but he would have been right if he did.

SaltStack customers have quickly realized one of the most notable and differentiated functions of the SaltStack platform is it’s ability to apply machine-based intelligence to an application and infrastructure environment. We call it predictive orchestration and an event-driven infrastructure is one of the resulting benefits. We had several SaltConf15 talk submissions on the topic, so we decided to create a panel discussion to provide the audience with a few perspectives and use cases.

Our group of experts discuss how predictive orchestration and event-driven automation is the future of systems management, especially for complex, scale-out environments that require high levels of efficiency and stability.

Predictive Orchestration and Event-Driven Automation Panel Discussion

This panel discussion, moderated by Keith Tanaka of SaltStack and featuring Mike Place of SaltStack, Christian Beedgen of Sumo Logic, Matthew Williams of Flowroute, and Jason Denning of Upsight, explores deployments and use cases of event-driven infrastructure, including:

  • Intelligent infrastructure autoscaling;
  • Trigger-based DevOps environment provisioning;
  • Self-healing application configurations;
  • Predictive orchestration via event consumption and reaction.

Panelists also discuss the implications of traditional automation and automation of the future when the robots and artificial intelligence takes over.

“Event-driven infrastructure addresses some of the mistakes we’ve made in the past,” says Place about how difficult it is to manage and scale in stacked and siloed environments. “It’s important for us to think of what we’ve broken and how we can fix it.”

Denning said, “Automation is always a dangerous thing. You’re setting an algorithm on the loose to make decisions on your behalf, so it’s imperative you understand all of the automation.”

For more specifics on how SaltStack is used for event-driven infrastructure and predictive orchestration, watch the SaltConf15 talk embedded below. And for more great content like this, make sure to join us at SaltConf16 and take advantage of early-bird, free training and group discounts while still available. It would be great to see you in Salt Lake City in April.