PyCon 2014 SaltStack Sprint

March 25, 2014 - SaltStack Marketing

PyCon 2014 SaltStack Sprint

SaltStack is going to be at PyCon 2014. OK, you probably already knew that. What you might not have heard is that we are going to be hosting a Salt Sprint on the first day of post-con sprints! Join us on Monday, April 14th to help make Salt even more awesome. Long-time contributors and new contributors alike are welcome. I (@basepi) will be there with Joseph (@techhat) to help.

The theme for the sprint will be Salt modules and states for system verification. We want to add more functionality for testing your servers after you configure them with Salt. For example, we might add a ports.http state which would verify a server was correctly serving HTTP requests from a given port.

Of course, feel free to come with your own project(s) if verification states and modules aren’t for you.

It should be awesome, hope to see you there!

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