Insight into the anatomy of a huge Python project at PyGotham

August 15, 2014 - Rhett Glauser

Insight into the anatomy of a huge Python project at PyGotham

While the week is ending for most, we (with hundreds of our closest Pythonista friends) are just getting started with PyGotham tomorrow. SaltStack is happy to provide your neckwear for the weekend as the official lanyard sponsor. It is New York, the name-badge fashion capital of the world (or is that Las Vegas?), so we spared no expense on this high-quality, nylon and metal, scarf of sorts. Let’s learn about the anatomy of python!

While sporting your hot, new accessory, make sure to catch the Thomas Hatch, SaltStack CTO and technical founder, talk, “Insight into the anatomy of a huge Python project,” on Saturday at 10:15am in room 702. This talk will provide the backstory of Salt, one of the biggest Python-based projects ever, with a focus on how to successfully create an enthusiastic community in support of an active and friendly project. Hear Tom talk about what it was like to receive his first pull request, and what his day looks like as the BDFL of the Salt open source project.

Hopefully we’ll see you there. And feel free to keep that lanyard, with our compliments, and wear it out on the town, or to work, or to every conference you ever go to for the rest of your conference-attending life.

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