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What are RSS Feeds?

RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication) is an easy way to keep up with SaltStack news and information. An RSS feed contains headlines, summaries and links to full SaltStack related content. RSS is written in the Internet coding language known as XML (eXtensible Markup Language), which is why you often see RSS buttons commonly labeled with “XML”.

You can view the feeds with an RSS reader or aggregator. Some browsers, such as the current versions of Firefox and Safari have built-in RSS readers. If you’re using a browser that doesn’t currently support RSS, there are a variety of RSS readers available on the web; some are free to download and others are available for purchase.

The Hacks Podcast

Join Thomas Hatch and Jimmy Chunga every week as they talk about nerd stuff. If you’re into cybersecurity, DevSecOps, SecOps, DevOps, all the Ops, infrastructure automation, network automation, configuration management, and open source then subscribe now. This will be your new favorite podcast! Because we know you’re thinking it…NO, they don’t live in their moms’ basements…this month.

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Salt Blog

Stay up to date on all things SaltStack on the corporate blog. Catch every blog post and press release, as well as the latest news and information on SaltStack product updates, and webinars.

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Salt Security Announcements

Subscribe to Salt Security RSS feed and receive a notification when new information is available regarding security announcements, patches and more.

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