The Salt 2014.1.0 release is biggest ever

March 2, 2014 - Rhett Glauser

The Salt 2014.1.0 release is biggest ever

We are proud to announce that 7085 commits went into the Salt 2014.1.0 release, by far the most in a single Salt feature release. The Salt Cloud release obviously wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing Salt community.

This new episode of Salt Air has Thomas Hatch talking about the highlights of the SaltStack 2014.1.0 release, or check out the full release notes in the docs.

“The 2014.1.0 release of Salt is a major release which not only increases stability but also brings new capabilities in virtualization, cloud integration, and more. This release brings a great focus on the expansion of testing making roughly double the coverage in the Salt tests, and comes with many new features. 2014.1.0 is the first release to follow the new date-based release naming system. See the version numbers page for more details.” – Excerpt from release notes.

Big Salt Mountain

This Salt release merges Salt Cloud into Salt and includes new support for Google Compute Engine, IBM SoftLayer and Windows Azure. Private cloud controllers will appreciate the many enhancements to Salt Virt, and this release also provides support for managing Docker environments, BSD package management, Debian / Ubuntu network management, and PagerDuty integration. Hundreds of tests have been added for more better Salt stability. And the release of the Salt proxy minion provides a unique and more powerful approach to network device management. Thank you to the hundreds of individuals around the world who contributed to the biggest Salt release ever.