Salt Air 15 – The Great Salt Sprint 2

July 26, 2013 - Thomas Hatch
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Tom welcomes everybody to the second Great Salt Sprint which will be held on July 27. Tom provides a sneak peek at what we have in store and it looks like many folks will be hacking on more SaltStack formulas, execution modules, tests and OpenStack support. The official Salt Sprint page can be found at: and the new SaltStack formula organization on GitHub can be found here:

“Welcome to the fifteenth installment of Salt Air. It’s been a very exciting couple of months since the last salt air broadcast. There have been quite a few happenings over here at Saltstack. We’ve been out to quite a few shows. I just got back from Ozcon which was a lot of fun with. We’ve got a lot more exciting stuff coming up. I want to talk about most today has to do with the Great Salt sprint now the great Salt Sprint has been in the making for quite some time. We’re really excited to get it off the ground and this is the second installment of the Great Salt sprint. For a little history, the first Salt Sprint was last year in May and it was hosted by a number of companies including and c7 data centers. This was also before SaltStack had an office.”

“This year the Salt Sprint is substantially larger and we have locations all around the world from Logilab, we have locations in Paris London, Ann Arbor Michigan with right brain networks, Albuquerque without pay, Austin Texas with patient conversation media, automation logic in London who in line with wire driver co-sponsoring the Los Angeles area. Columbia university is open in New York city, Logilab in Paris, Isis technology in Phoenix. The SaltStack offices are in Salt Lake City of course, is hosting the sprint. The Rackspace offices in San Antonio, Versal offices in San Francisco, H and HP Cloud in Seattle. This is going to be a very big sprint, it starts first thing in the morning. It starts at ten o’clock wherever your location is. Make sure that you’re at your location at ten o’clock. If you want to log in virtually you can log in anytime that you’d like. We’re doing a number of things with this sprint that we’re really excited about. The main objectives are first, that we build out the SaltStack formulas repository. This is something that’s rough around the edges of, very new that we’ve been putting together over the last few weeks but this is a new repository to hold Salt formulas SLS files for standing up many many aspects of an infrastructure. The SaltStack formulas repository, I’ll pull it up here in a minute and show it to you, is something that we just need more formulas posted too. We need people’s support and help in filling out services for all these formulas.” – Thomas Hatch

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