Salt Air 16 – Salt SSH

September 26, 2013 - Thomas Hatch
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Salt SSH is here! See how easy it is to use salt ssh without needing to deploy a minion! Communicate and command your digital infrastructure. As requested, a link to Salt 0.17.0 release notes which is a nice jumping off point to the documentation for the same:

“We’re about to start another really quick installment here of Salt Air. I’m really excited about what we’re doing this time because we’ve been working around the clock as you can see by our ragged hair and long beards, well not long for me, on getting Salt SSH up and going. Salt SSH is a system that allows you to execute Salt routines, Salt remote execution, and Salt states, all over SSH, without needing to ever install a minion on those target systems. It’s all over SSH, it’s slower than Salt proper using ZeroMQ. It is not quite as feature full yet as Salt is using ZeroMQ but it is powerful, it is capable and we’re really excited to get this get this show on the road. We’re going to hop over here into a terminal and start showing some of the basics of how Salt SSH works. We’re going to start by just doing a quick a quick test stop ping, a good old test stop ping you’ll see that this command looks a lot like a classic Salt command and then we were invoking Salt SSH instead of Salt. We’ve got a target there in the form of a plump and then the function we’re going to run in this case test stop ping. This –maxprocs here is to say that we can spin up 100 concurrent SSH connections that were okay with that. The default is 25 so that it doesn’t just blow away a small VM at your executing from. If you’ve got a little beef in your hardware you can easily bump that number up. Let’s fire this sucker off here.” – Thomas Hatch

We’re doing this against 100 virtual machines that are out on Rackspace’s cloud and Digital Oceans cloud”

“Yep these are real VMs that are out there. As you can see that was substantially slower than Salt. Salt can usually communicate with these systems in about half a second, but it took about three seconds to do it allover Salts new Salt SSH interface. That was just a test stop ping. The the full Salt library of routines is still available. We can do a network.interfaces and get all the network information about all of these systems. All that capability for Salt, you just fly by in a ridiculous pace. We can do a disc.usage and just gather whatever information we need. Remote execution of course is just one part of what Salt is and how Salt works.” – Thomas Hatch

View the full episode on Salt SSH below and learn more about how to communicate and command your digital infrastructure

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