Salt Air 17 – Salt 0.17.0 Release

September 27, 2013 - Thomas Hatch
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An overview of the new Salt 0.17.0 release

“Welcome to this installment of Salt Air. I know our backdrop is missing, we haven’t set it back up since the last conference that we’ve been to but there’s still a lot to talk about still allowed to do. I put up a Salt Air episode yesterday which was very brief and did a quick demo of Salt SSH. Salt SSH is just one of the really big and exciting features that have come in the 0.17.0 release of Salt. I’m going to spend a little bit time talking about the 0.17.0 release of Salt, talk about some of those highlight features, and call out some of the community members who have once again done fantastic work inside of Salt. 0.17.0 is the biggest release we have ever done by leaps and bounds. I’m kind of wondering why this screen share button isn’t working.”

“What we’re going to do here is talk through some of the new features in Salt 0.17.0. There’s a couple of really important things that I should bring up. This is the biggest Salt release ever. What we’re looking at is well over 3,000 commits to the Salt code base for 0.17.0 and this was roughly three months in the making, which again is the longest time we’ve ever had between major feature releases. I gotta make another big thanks to the community. These new features that we’ve gone into 0.17.0 are massive and extensive and I really regret the fact that we don’t have the opportunity to talk about everything that’s been added because it’s, again, very extensive. We’re going to highlight a lot of the major features and we’re going to talk about those. Something else to keep in mind is that Salt still is the largest developer community and DevOps. We have the largest active contributor base, we have the largest total contributor base, and the best place to check this is to go do some comparisons on OLO. Things are massive we keep growing we keep getting bigger they’re more and more and more people in our community and I can’t stop thinking how everyone who contributes to and works on Salt makes us what we are. I’m also really excited to say that one of the big things that we’ve got in the pipe, or it’s out of the pipe, is the Salt web UI…” – Thomas Hatch

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