Salt Air 2 – Salt API, Salt Cloud & Zero MQ

November 16, 2012 - Thomas Hatch
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Thomas Hatch talks about Salt 0.10.5. Salt 0.10.5 includes updates to the Salt returner system, OpenStack integrations, Salt Cloud, Salt API, and ZeroMQ. Watch the video below.

“Welcome to the second installment of Salt Air. This week we’re going to spend a lot of time talking about some of the new Salt releases that just came out. Just last night, I was able to cut Salt 0.10.5. There’s a lot of new features, there’s a lot of exciting things that have happened in this release, and there’s a lot that we have relative to the direction that we’re going. We’re going to talk a lot about the new Salt API, which were in the process of releasing today. Salt API comes with a lot of a lot of exciting features that are going to allow us to start moving forward on getting the web UI out to the world. Let me switch over and start talking about the exciting things that are happening today with SaltStack. If I can push the right button, there we go. Like I just mentioned, we’re going to be talking about Salt 0.10.5. We’re going to go through the release announcement, talk about the new exciting features that we have in here, and then start to introducing people to Salt API. 0.10.5 comes with a few core features.”

“The external job cash is something that I’m really excited about. We’ve had the returner system for a long time, but this takes the returner system to a brand new level, making a lot easier to share data across your minions. We’ve added a lot of core functionality that helps us start integrating with OpenStack. OpenStack integrations has not only come to Salt proper, but it’s also come in a great way to Salt cloud, we’re going to talk a little bit about that as well. The wheel system is a new modular API that allows you to connect to the master and manage aspects of the Salt system from the master itself. Render pipes is an exciting new component in the renderer system that was added by Jack Kwan that allows you to stream information from one rendering system to another when you’re writing your SLS files.”

“We’ve given Salt key a complete overhaul it’s been rewritten from the ground up to be more API centric, easier to plug into, and easier for the APIs to gain access to. The outputer system has been modularized. We’re going to talk a little bit more about how that works. Basically, it allows you to print output to the display in any way you can imagine. Unified module configuration makes it even easier to commune to configure, how systems are going to be managed and how systems are going to be configured back for individual modules. Finally we’ve done a substantial overhaul of much of the Zero MQ communication system, which is allowing the pub sub mechanism that we use to communicate out to the minions to be much much more reliable, faster, and take care of some of the problems that we were beginning to run into.” – Thomas Hatch

Learn more about Salt returner system, OpenStack integrations, Salt Cloud, Salt API, and ZeroMQ through the video below.

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