Salt Air 20 – Managing Docker Containers at Scale

May 23, 2014 - Thomas Hatch
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SaltStack senior engineer, Dave Boucha, demonstrates how to use SaltStack systems management software to automate the orchestration of large Docker containers at scale environment. Dave uses HAProxy running on VMs in Rackspace for this demo, but SaltStack can be used to deploy and manage containers running in any cloud environment.

“Welcome to Salt Air number 20. My name is David Boucher. I’m a senior engineer here at SaltStack. Today I’m going to do a demonstration detailing some of the tooling we’ve built to help our users manage the docker containers on their infrastructure. What I have here in a scenario, I have 99 virtual machines that our docker already installed on them, and I’m going to spin up two containers on each of those virtual machines. This container they’re just running a simple PHP app with Apache, but just displays some IP information about that docker image and what our container sees. I also have another virtual machine that will be running engine proxy and that engine proxy config automatically updated through Salt pulling all the docker host IP addresses and external ports that expose these containers that we need to see.”

“First let’s look at what the doctor container config looks like. If I go into my followers which is /serves/salt there’s a direct called doc Apache that I put together and look at the event. Here I’m going to make sure that this docker image is pulled off of the public docker imagery repositories or registry, and then I’m going to install two different containers. The first one just is just named an Apache container docker.installed is the state and I’m going to execute and make sure that it’s running and we’re going to specify that image.” – David Boucha

View the full Salt Air episode below to learn more about managing docker containers at scale.

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