Salt Air 22 – Salt Lithium Release Highlights

April 1, 2015 - Thomas Hatch
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Thomas Hatch, SaltStack CTO, covers the highlights of the Salt Lithium (2015.2) release

This smaller Salt release delivers innovative new features including Beacons, more Salt SSH, sudo minion, Python 3 support, and substantial improvements to the quality and stability of the platform derived from SaltStack Enterprise release development and QA. Check out the release notes for even more detail including a new Windows installer, more LXC application container support, and enhanced active directory support:…

“Hello and welcome to another episode of Salt Air. This is the 22nd installment of Salt Air. I’m excited to be able to talk to you about the new 2015.2 release of Salt. This is of course a major feature release of Salt. Unlike many releases of Salt in the past, we’ve actually pushed this one out quicker than the last release. It doesn’t have anywhere near as many bells and whistles but it is still an impressive release and we’ve got some very very exciting features that I’m excited to talk about.”

“We’re going to talk a little bit first about beacons. The beacon system which is brand-new to 2015.2, allows you to actively watch anything that’s going on on your system and then translate those actions into Salt events. It makes it easy to now be able to, say, configure that you want to watch a specific file or directory and then if that file or directory changes then what happens is that the beacon picks up that change, translates the information of that change into an event, and then sends that event on forward up to the Salt master to be fired on the Salt masters event bus and on the minions event bus, making it easy to be able to build a reactor that is actively actively listening to file changes. Those changes can happen immediately or they can cause a reaction that happens immediately down in your infrastructure.”

“Another beacon that I want to mention is the WTMP beacon which watches the WTMP system in Unix. For those of you who aren’t familiar with what this system is it tracks logins. Every time someone logs into a minion, if this beacon is enabled, then you’ll get an event specifying that someone logged in. The new shell beacon also allows us to have an event fire everytime someone executes a command inside of a terminal on a minion. Meaning that you can have a continuous event stream of every human interaction which is occurring on one of those servers. The next thing that I want to talk about is Salt SSH. In 2014.7 we made major enhancements to Salt SSH. Overhauled it in a big way and made it smoother, faster, and more reliable these enhancements are again applicable to the 2015.2 release. Salt SSH has a lot more to it than it did before…” – Thomas Hatch

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