Salt Air 23 – Salt Open 2015.8 Release Highlights

September 23, 2015 - Thomas Hatch
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Overview of the Salt Open 2015.8 release

Thomas Hatch and Matt Meservey of SaltStack provide an overview of the Salt Open 2015.8 release highlights. Learn more about what SaltStack delivered in the newest release of Salt Open. Highlights include the new Salt Package Manager for easier Salt Formula deployment, a substantially updated Salt Proxy Minion for software defined networking, and tons of new support for Docker, OpenStack, Windows, AWS, Git and much more.

“Hello, welcome to the Salt Open 2015.8 release highlight webcast today. My name is Matt Meservey I’m the director of product management at SaltStack. I have with me today Tom Hatch who is the founder and CTO of SaltStack. Just a quick reminder and a couple of housekeeping items, we will be recording today’s webinar, everybody in the webinar has also been placed on mute, and so if you have questions please use the chat function within your webcast client. There’s also a Q&A function but if you can use the chat function, we will monitor that a little more closely, sorry, we will use the Q&A function instead of the chat function, we will be monitoring both the Q&A it’s going to be monitored a little bit better. We’re going to make this recording available, probably within a couple of days and please go ahead and ask questions throughout the webinar, again on the on the Q&A section and we’ll try to answer those in line, either on Q&A, but then we’ll address all those at the end. With that I’d like to turn the time over to the founder of SaltStack and our CTO Thomas Hatch, to go over what’s coming up in the next release, Tom.” – Matt Meservey

“Hello, thank you all for for coming to this webinar. We’re very very excited as usual with our next release of Salt. I just want to do a quick overview of what Salt is for anyone who might be here that is new. Salt is a general-purpose automation system that is generally used for the automating of data centers and infrastructures. Although it is used to automate a number of other things including innovative things and swarms of sensors. Salt itself is a highly flexible, again generic orchestration, system and automation system. Salt is a open source. Let me talk a little bit about the SaltStack community.” – Thomas Hatch

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