Salt Air 26 – Use Salt Proxy Minion for Network Automation

January 18, 2019 - Thomas Hatch

SaltStack is used by network operations teams to manage everything from small IT deployments to massive enterprise network infrastructures. Watch this episode of Salt Air to learn how the SaltStack event-driven approach by using Salt Proxy minion for network automation and see how it can help your team manage and secure your network fabric.

“Welcome to another episode of Salt Air. I’m Tom Hatch the creator of Salt and the CTO of SaltStack. With me today I have C. R. Oldham. C. R. is the original engineer and inventor of the salt proxy system. We wanted to bring him in here today so that he could talk through how the salt proxy works and have a little demonstration of the salt proxy in action. What can you tell us about the proxy system in Salt C. R.?” – Thomas Hatch

“You may remember back, I think it was about 2014, you came to me and said I want Salt to be a little control switches and routers. Even back then it was still kind of uncommon to have a full Linux distribution or some other something like Free BSG running on a router or switch. Most of those things were completely proprietary and accessible. I got to thinking about that, how can we make that happen? I originally just wrote an execution module which worked fine, but didn’t really enable everything that we wanted to be able to do with Salt. For example, we wanted to be able to do targeting, we wanted grains and pillar, we wanted to be able to do things like upload firmware and have that firmware reside in one of Salts file systems. We couldn’t really do that with an execution module at least not that easily. So I dug into the depths of the core of Salt and kind of rearrange somethings, and figured out that we actually could control the device from Salt and make the Salt master I think it was just another minion and we didn’t treat that minion any different than a minion that might be running on a server or some of these desktops somewhere. That was kind of the how the proxy meeting came to be. Since then it’s experienced an incredible amount of growth, we’ve got many companies using it to drive very large network infrastructures.” – C. R. Oldham

Tune-in to the video below for more information on Salt Proxy Minion for network automation.

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