Salt Air 34 – An Introduction to SaltStack SecOps

May 1, 2019 - Thomas Hatch
Salt Air video podcast episode 34

The New SecOps Module

Alex Peay, SaltStack VP of product, joins me on this Salt Air episode introduction to SaltStack SecOps. Watch to learn why SaltStack intelligent automation is uniquely designed to help security and IT teams work together to make digital business infrastructure more secure.

In this episode, my view is that the new SecOps module “takes us into a new realm for SaltStack, but also allows us to take our unique perspective on infrastructure and apply it to the security space to ensure that we get better real security implemented inside infrastructures.”

Product VP Alex Peay says that “with a configuration management, event-driven automation and remote execution heritage, it allows us to do what security tools always should have been able to do: give you insight to where a problem is and then let you take the appropriate action to make sure you don’t continue to have that problem.”

Says Peay: “One of the things we’ve found as we’ve talked with a lot of customers is that the security and operations teams are often separated either organizationally or just philosophically. And what that results in is a lot of inefficiency, and it results in problems, and it results in a lot of suffering. The best analogy is what we saw with DevOps a number of years ago.” Where developers used to just “throw some code over the wall,” DevOps brought them into meaningful communication with operations teams. SaltStack event-driven automation delivers continuous compliance through policy definition, real-time infrastructure scanning, and automated issue and vulnerability remediation. Check out SaltStack SecOps for automated IT security remediation at scale. In an era where there’s increasing talk about security orchestration, automation and response, this is a real-world way to gain traction for security within your operations teams–bringing security to the equation in network automation.

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