Salt Air 36 – A Demo of SaltStack SecOps

May 1, 2019 - Thomas Hatch
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Salt Air

Live Demo of SaltStack SecOps

Mehul Revankar, SaltStack senior product manager, joins me on this Salt Air episode to provide a live demo of SaltStack SecOps.

Watch this episode to see a demo of how SaltStack SecOps automates continuous compliance for enterprise IT infrastructure. SaltStack SecOps is unique in providing IT operations and security teams with a collaborative, event-driven automation and orchestration platform. SaltStack SecOps scans IT systems against custom or industry standard security policies then automates the remediation of security vulnerabilities associated with misconfigured, non-compliant infrastructure.

From continuous detection to true resolution, SaltStack SecOps is the only cybersecurity product to deliver natively integrated, fully automated and continuous compliance for infrastructure security at enterprise scale.

“Welcome to another episode of salt air. My name is Tom Hatch and I’m the creator of Salt. With me today from product I have Mehul. Mehul has been over the development of our new security and operations product that we call a SaltStack for SecOps. Now, before we dive into the details around that product I want to talk a little bit about why we’ve been creating SaltStack for SecOps. Security operations is something which is, historically, a very challenging environment in which to function. The difference in communication between security teams and operation teams has been historically, and is still, very difficult. At the end of the day we want to make sure that infrastructures can be held to a high standard of security readiness. But to do that, we have to be able to automate security, we need to automate their security into the operations of the data center. And so, for this reason we have introduced our new SecOps offering, to make it as easy as possible to make sure that we can have a policy driven approach to defining exactly how an infrastructure can be made stable and secure. So Mehul, go ahead and dive into what we’re doing here and then how this thing works.” – Thomas Hatch

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