Salt Air 5 – A SaltStack Retrospective on 2012

December 28, 2012 - Thomas Hatch
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Tom looks back on 2012, an epic year for Salt. Incredible community growth and contribution, tons of new projects, and massive code expansion, all combine to make Salt one of the biggest open source software projects in the world.

“The time has come for another episode of Salt Air. I’m really excited about this episode. I’m sorry that we missed out last week because of the holidays but we’ve got a lot going on now. We’re going to be talking about a retrospect on everything that’s happened inside of the Salt community with SaltStack, well not everything would be here for days or months, but what’s happened, over the past year so we did a good view of the progress that we’ve seen in 2012 and get pumped up for another year of a lot more excitement and progress. Let me get the presentation going. 2012 in retrospect. Fortunately the world didn’t end a few days ago and so we’re able to keep on developing and keep on and continue making fantastic software. A lot and I mean a lot has happened in 2012 for SaltStack. This has been one of the most exciting years of my life and one of the most exciting times for getting software out there, building community and building everything that we that we put together.”

“Let’s talk about some of these things that we’ve got. SaltStack has grown dramatically and we’re just going to talk about a couple of the facets in which SaltStack has grown over the past year. We’re talking about the community growth, which has been explosive. We’ll talk about the fact that we are now justified as one of the largest open source communities in the world and one of the largest if not the largest community in some of the spaces that we are in. We’re going to talk about the new projects that have come out in 2012. One new project that we hope will get out just before the end of the new year but we might not make it. We’re going togo over how the code has grown over the past year we’re going to talk about how SaltStack and the Salt community has developed huge amounts of code that have enabled us to solve all sorts of problems in the the systems management space in a very little amount of time. We’re to go over a few of the ways that Salt and SaltStack have been publicly recognized. And finally, we’re going to talk a little bit about how the SaltStack company has grown and where we’re going in that direction.”

“The community – near the end of 2011 there were 17 people who had committed code to Salt. Today, according to Olo (their last metric was run 5 days ago), they say 250 contributors. We have roughly 250 people who have committed code to solve during the lifetime of the project. The project isn’t even two years old and that makes us an extremely large developer community. We’ve built out the core dev team. We’ve got a lot of people involved with commit access to to the Salt repository. A lot of people who have been very heavily involved in the development beyond just small additions every now and then. In 2011 we had less than 30 people in our IRC. I’m saying that from memory actually think there were a lot less than 30 people in our IRC in 2011. Today we’ve been breaking over about 175 people in IRC and the channel has become extremely active and much more helpful.” – Thomas Hatch

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