Salt Air 6 – Salt 0.12 highlights incl. Windows, Gentoo, file servers, grains, etc.

January 11, 2013 - Thomas Hatch
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Tom covers the highlights of Salt 0.12 including a modular file server backend, full Windows support, improved default outputter, big Gentoo additions, and ability to apply Salt grains remotely. Also, thank you new and old contributors to the rapidly growing Salt community.

“It’s time for another installment of Salt Air. Sorry we missed you last week, it turned out must be a very very busy Friday. I’ve been considering changing Salt Air to not be on Friday, but then I look at the calendar and realized that every day is a very very busy day. We’ll just keep trying to get these out on Friday mornings or start getting them recorded beforehand. We’ve got a lot to talk about today, we’ve got a lot that’s been going on inside of Salt and we’ve got a lot of really exciting things to cover. We’ve also got some new contributors that were going to be talking about a little bit. Before I get going you may notice that my background has changed slightly, that’s because I’m at home. For those of you who are aware there’s a fairly severe snowstorm going on throughout the northwest yesterday and these next couple of days. So I’m kind of snowed in, I mean I could get out of I wanted to risk life and limb, but don’t really have a reason to do so. I’m broadcasting from the basement instead of from the office. Anyway let’s get into discussing what’s new and exciting with Salt. I make this share my desktop. It’s also noteworthy that since I’m at home, I’m not using my work computer to do the broadcast, I’m using my home computer here which has an extremely wide screen. It’s a 21 by 9 aspect ratio so this video may come out as a little on the fat side.”

“Salt Air 6. We’re gonna be talking a lot about what’s coming up in Salt 0.12.0 that is scheduled for release today, but we are still fighting a couple of kind of deep bugs in the in the communication layer and in the test suite. Once we get those sorted out we should be ready to release. Let’s talk about some of the things that are coming in 0.12.0. We’ve modularized the file server. At first glance this may seem odd, but once we get get into talking about how this is going to work hopefully people are going to be able to see the value. We’ve already talked to a few people in particular guys over at Wikipedia are really excited about this edition, and a number of others have expressed a lot of excitement because it’s going to allow you to substantially simplify how your file goats are being managed.”

“Next, I’m doing something that’s a little on the radical side, I’m changing the default output or in Salt, so that the visuals are going to be very very different on the command line. The visuals for running a high state for instance that’s still using the same back end to print that information into the display, but I’ve created a new default outputter that’s a lot prettier, a lot more colorful, and is able to manage a lot of different data types in a much more clean way, so I’m excited to talk a little bit more about that. We’ve had some more package management additions that we’re going to talk about when we get there. We’ve also had some pretty major additions in our Gentoo support. Honestly I didn’t have time to sit down and catalog all of the things that have been added for very granular, very powerful gentoo management but, I’m really excited to talk about that. We’ve had the ability to apply grains to minions remotely. Let’s start talking about these features, and about what’s new and exciting that’s coming up in 0.12.0 that you’ll be able to see released either later today or sometime over the weekend or maybe Monday.” – Thomas Hatch

View the full episode on modular file server backend, full Windows support, improved default outputter, Gentoo additions, and ability to apply Salt grains remotely below!

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