Salt Air 33 – An overview of the Salt 2019.2.0 (Fluorine) release

March 19, 2019 - Thomas Hatch

SaltStack is excited to announce the release of Salt 2019.2.0, codenamed Fluorine. This highly anticipated Salt release is substantial by the numbers, and is already getting positive feedback from our user community.

New SaltStack network automation features and even more Salt support for other infrastructure management tools like Ansible, Terraform, and Docker are just a few of the highlights of this release. Get access to the Salt 2019.2.0 release here.

“Hello, welcome to episode 33 of Salt Air. My name is Tom Hatch, I’m the creator of salt and today we’re gonna talk about the latest release of Salt Open. We just came out with this release and we’re excited. Lots of new features, lots of functionality, and we’ve hit a number of great milestones when it comes to contributors and size of the community. I have with me today Megan and Kavya from the Salt team. Can I ask you two to introduce yourselves?” – Thomas Hatch

“My name is Megan Wilhite, I am currently a software engineer at SaltStack, I’ve been helping with the release as well as this particular release.” – Megan Wilhite

“Hi I’m Kavya Chandrashekhar, I’m a product manager for the open SaltStack team.” – Kavya

“Thank You Megan and Kavya. So I want to start by talking about some of the community milestones that we hit here. We’ve had more contributors in this release than we have in the past. We passed 3,000 total contributors to salt and hit our 100,000 commit to the project. Overall salt continues to be a massive community and we have so many people who are out in the wild using salt for so many different things and it’s been really exciting to see the contributions continue to roll in at a pace that continues to grow year over year” – Thomas Hatch

Learn more about the 2019.2.0 Fluorine Release by watching the video below.

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