Salt Community Collaboration in a Time of Change

March 9, 2020 - Moe Abdula

Improving the Salt Community

Few months back we collectively began a concerted effort to improve our operation as a Salt community.  Salt had grown and, as a result, the project’s original structure and processes were unable to cope with the increasing demands of this passionately admired project.

It wasn’t easy, but we all took it upon ourselves to tackle the issues.  The same themes repeatedly echoed in our community:

  • An unpredictable release cadence meant no one could plan and build on the platform.
  • Quality issues grew as use cases expanded.
  • As team members worked diligently to keep up with increasing demands, they became overburdened and less responsive.
  • Inadequate communications on project direction or decisions left some in the dark.

Rumors fueled speculative root causes including the suggestion that SaltStack is not investing in open source anymore. Frustration surfaced every so often, creating a less-than-productive climate.  

So we decided to take charge and address the situation. We spent time talking to community members and our partners. We researched best practices from other open source projects.  We were diligent in exposing root cause, and we identified some key actions.

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