Salt Open 2015.8 release highlights

September 18, 2015 - Rhett Glauser

2015.8 Release, Highlights, Capabilities, and More

The Salt Open 2015.8 release is out and it includes a ton of new capabilities to help orchestrate and automate event-driven IT operations. Highlights include the new Salt Package Manager, a substantially updated Salt Proxy Minion for control of network and Internet of things devices, and new support for Docker, OpenStack, Windows, Git, cloud management and much more.

Learn more about the 2015.8 release highlights by registering to watch Thomas Hatch and Matt Meservey of SaltStack on this webinar. Or, download the 2015.8 release packaged for CentOS, Debian, RHEL, Ubuntu and Windows from the SaltStack package repository. Also, the Salt Open 2015.8 release notes have all the details, but we’ve provided a high-level overview for you in the post below.

For starters, SaltStack now maintains its own package repositories for Salt Open providing users with even more options to access the power of SaltStack. We hope the Salt package repo will help users get up and running faster with SaltStack in a more consumable and consistent way.

In addition, the Salt Open 2015.8 release ships with the new Salt Package Manager, making Salt Formulas for system orchestration and configuration management even easier to deploy.

Salt Proxy Minion
Salt Proxy Minion

For network and IoT devices the Salt Proxy Minion has undergone a substantial overhaul and is now considered a first-class citizen in the SaltStack portfolio. The Salt Proxy Minion controls devices that, for whatever reason, cannot run a standard Salt Minion. These devices include network gear with an API and a proprietary OS, devices with limited CPU or memory, and devices that could run a minion, but for security reasons will not.

With the Salt Open 2015.8 release, proxy processes are no longer forked from a controlling minion. Instead, they have their own script which takes most of the same arguments as the standard Salt Minion.

SaltStack customers are looking to consolidate systems management tooling across heterogeneous operating systems, infrastructures and clouds. We are happy to announce that SaltStack support for Windows is approaching feature parity with existing support for Linux. Support for capabilities like the Windows installer, patch management and user management has been fine tuned, and SaltStack now delivers more efficient software management and distribution for Windows minions.

SaltStack continues to add more cloud management and orchestration functions enabling advance event-driven cloud brokerage, arbitrage and autoscaling. For example, Salt Cloud now gathers pricing information from AWS EC2, Google Compute Engine, IBM Softlayer and Digital Ocean. In addition, the Salt Cloud bootstrap now works with all 22 SaltStack supported clouds.

This release includes new SaltStack state and execution modules for Docker, Git, OpenStack, RallyDev, Stormpath and BambooHR among many others.

This blog post is just scratching the surface as the Salt Open 2015.8 release includes many improvements, bug fixes and new features. Attend the Salt Open 2015.8 release webinar to learn more, download the Salt Open 2015.8 release, or find the detailed Salt Open 2015.8 release notes here.