SaltStack SaltConf Showcases Data Center Automation Speed, Scale and Flexibility

January 29, 2014 - Rhett Glauser

SaltConf, the First-Annual SaltStack User Conference, Opens to Hundreds of Attendees From Around the World

Salt Lake City – SaltConf – Jan. 29, 2014 – SaltStack, developers of the full software stack for configuration management, data center infrastructure automation, fast systems management and cloud orchestration, today announced the opening of SaltConf, the first-annual SaltStack conference for users, customers, partners and developers.

SaltConf helps attendees automate the data center better and faster than ever before by providing an immersive opportunity to learn about the power of the SaltStack platform for configuration management, infrastructure automation and cloud orchestration.

SaltConf will showcase data center automation speed, scale and flexibility through dozens of talks, SaltConf sponsors like VMware, Google Cloud Platform, Rackspace, HP, LinkedIn, New Relic, Taos Consulting, C7 Data Centers, GitHub, Apache CloudStack, and hundreds of attendees from around the world.

Many SaltStack firsts on display this week at SaltConf, include:

Some of the best and brightest in cloud building and Web-scale automation are speaking and attending this three-day conference. SaltConf content is delivered by SaltStack core engineers, developers, customers and users. Content includes SaltStack hands-on labs and training, talks delivered by people who excel at building and managing enterprise infrastructure and application stacks using SaltStack software. SaltConf also offers many opportunities to hack and network with the SaltStack community.

SaltConf pre-conference training, held on Tuesday Jan. 28, included full-day training classes in three separate tracks including an introduction to the SaltStack platform, advanced training on using SaltStack for configuration management, and advanced training on using SaltStack for remote execution, cloud orchestration and infrastructure automation. SaltConf training courses were full to capacity.

Salt Sprint contributors are welcome to suggest projects for the Sprint by emailing For those new to developing with SaltStack, the first full day of SaltConf will include a series of labs designed to provide instruction specific to developing and committing code to the Salt project. Salt Sprint newcomers are more than welcome to watch, learn, network and participate.

SaltStack software provides flexible, easy-to-use software for real-time infrastructure automation, cloud provisioning and orchestration, and application stack configuration management. SaltStack is known for its speed and its ability to scale unmodified to support environments with tens of thousands of systems with no performance or functional degradation.

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SaltStack is a complete systems management software platform for fast systems management and scalable automation of any cloud, application stack or data center infrastructure. Specifically, SaltStack is used by system administrators and developers to automate configuration management, private cloud building, public cloud orchestration and autonomic infrastructure. The Salt open source project was launched in February of 2011 and is now one of the fastest-growing, most-active communities in the world. SaltStack was founded in August 2012 to support the Salt project and to deliver SaltStack Enterprise packaged for the world’s most-dynamic large and small businesses, web-scale applications and clouds. SaltStack won an InfoWorld 2014 Technology of the Year Award, won the 2013 GigaOm Structure LaunchPad competition, was named a Linux Journal Reader’s Choice product in five categories including “Linux Product of the Year” and “Best New Commercial Application,” was named a Gartner 2013 Cool Vendor in DevOps, and was included on the GitHub Octoverse Top 10 list for 2012. For more information, please visit