SaltStack automation for Web-scale IT at ServiceNow Knowledge14

April 25, 2014 - Rhett Glauser

SaltStack automation for Web-scale IT at ServiceNow Knowledge14

Automation software suites that combine IT operations management and IT service management have been the domain of the big, legacy software vendors for decades. But then things like public cloud, Web scale, and Heartbleed changed everything, and the practitioners and administrators were left holding an old bag of tools not capable of handling the new job at hand. They need data center and IT automation that is fast, scalable and flexible.

It would only make sense to take the best of ITSM and the best of data center automation and configuration management, and put them together to orchestrate all the IT things…from people, process and workflow, to machines, applications, infrastructure, clouds and code.

This week at Knowledge14 you can see the best of the best working together. The SaltStack automation engine now has hooks into ServiceNow APIs. This screenshot provide a simple preview of SaltStack working within a ServiceNow instance.


We have more bells and whistles for full-stack automation coming soon and would like to enlist the help of the ServiceNow Knowledge14 community to help define, and build out, specific use cases. We’re taking suggestions for the SaltStack #Know14 Hackathon project, and we are happy to add hackers to our team. We have some ideas for applications, such as: change approval for code deployment (can ITIL and DevOps get along?); automated server patch management via change requests (Heartbleed anyone?); service catalog request to deploy a private cloud or provision VMs in Amazon EC2 (it doesn’t have to be as difficult as the legacy software vendors want you to think it is).

If you have ideas for what we should build in the Hackathon, or you’d like to join the SaltStack team, tweet us at @SaltStackInc, or send me an email at rhett at saltstack dot com. We even have uniforms (t-shirts and stickers) for team members.

In the meantime, stop by escape pod #24 (a wee booth) on the ExpoNow show floor to see a demo and learn more about the power of ServiceNow and SaltStack.

Remember that Heartbleed craze? Good times, right? Not out of the woods yet? Well, see how SaltStack customers were able to not only diagnose the extent of the OpenSSL vulnerability in their environment, but remediate it in seconds across thousands of machines.

SaltStack getsalted t-shirt

Remember that cloud computing fad? That was awesome. Maybe check out SaltStack to see how you can build your own private cloud from scratch, or orchestrate virtual machines across just about any public cloud like AWS, Google Compute Engine, Rackspace, Digital Ocean, and many more.

Of course none of this Heartbleeding and clouding would be possible without some serious configuration management in place. See how SaltStack acts as the automation engine within ServiceNow change management workflows to make sure your infrastructure and application stacks are in fine working order.

Get Salted and automate all the things with us. See you at Knowledge14.