SaltStack Delivers Solutions for IT Operations Challenges

November 6, 2018 - Kendall Lovett

Enterprise data centers are changing dramatically. As companies strive to deliver the promise of digital business, monolithic applications are giving way to microservices, slow development practices are becoming fast and agile, and centralized, on-prem environments are evolving into hybrid, distributed ones. We deliver solutions for IT operations.

Ready or not, IT operations is on the hook to support all these initiatives—while simultaneously maintaining core SLAs, staying compliant, and defending against ever-evolving security threats. The good news is that IT operations professionals are smart, resourceful, and effective. The bad news is there just aren’t enough of them to handle the scale and speed these changes demand.

There is no way to solve the challenges facing IT operations teams without automating. But, not all automation is created equal.

Here are four reasons your IT operations teams need SaltStack intelligent automation:

Provision, deploy, and configure any system, anywhere

Get systems up and running faster. SaltStack acts as a command and control abstraction layer, allowing IT operations engineers and sysadmins to easily provision the most diverse and heterogeneous data center environments without needing to understand the underlying system infrastructure or dependencies. Common managed infrastructure types include: on-premises servers, VMs, containers, public and private cloud instances, even network routers, switches, and load balancers. In addition, SaltStack’s event-driven orchestration capabilities make it easy to create repeatable configuration routines that can be executed on newly provisioned infrastructure with the push of a button.

Control the cloud(s)

For many IT operations teams today, the terms “hybrid” and “multi-cloud” invoke feelings of fear rather than confidence. It doesn’t have to be this way. SaltStack intelligently automates the work of managing 25+ public and private cloud providers—all abstracted within a single platform. Now IT teams can easily control cloud costs, optimize cloud usage, and automate cloud security and compliance.

Create self-healing infrastructure

SaltStack is the only IT automation platform that can detect system issues, such as configuration drift, and enforce desired state automatically with event-driven automation. This powerful functionality allows IT operations teams to apply a layer of intelligent, reactive automation to their systems as a first line of defense. This results in critical systems that stay properly configured, increased reliability, and optimized resource utilization. Rather than addressing each server failure or disk usage alert manually, IT ops professionals can spend more time focused on strategic value-add projects.

Share the power… and the workload

Stop using expensive engineers for routine maintenance and support tasks. SaltStack gives NOC and support teams the power to run pre-built jobs like server re-deployment and configuration with an intuitive user console and customizable role-based access controls. Targets and jobs in SaltStack Enterprise are persistent, and can be reused over and over again, maintaining consistency and repeatability for the most efficient and scalable enterprise data center environment.

Ready to learn more? Download the SaltStack for solutions for IT Operations white paper or watch a webinar to see how ITOps teams use SaltStack to control, optimize, and secure hybrid infrastructure at scale.