SaltStack Launches New Consulting Services to Optimize SaltStack Implementations

December 18, 2019 - Rhett Glauser

SaltStack Launches New Consulting Services to Optimize SaltStack Implementations

SaltStack introduces new exam and certification for SaltStack Enterprise customers

Lehi, Utah – December 18, 2019SaltStack®, the creators of intelligent automation software for security operations teams, today announced the availability of several new SaltStack consulting services and training packages including the release of a new SaltStack certification exam. Designed to help customers realize the full value of their SaltStack investment as quickly as possible, SaltStack professional services leverage decades of product and industry expertise to deliver optimized implementations, efficient infrastructure automation and security, hands-on instructor-led training, advanced certifications, and more. 

New SaltStack getting-started and workshop consulting packages are delivered by a SaltStack professional services team comprised of highly trained, certified, and proven experts with decades of systems management, infrastructure automation and security experience. 

SaltStack professional services packages are available for teams of every size and skill level and have been designed to satisfy the most frequent SaltStack customer requests. Packages offer a quick and efficient SaltStack implementation kickstart, providing knowledge transfer, expert services, and education specifically tailored to each customer environment and use case. 

“The SaltStack professional services team has implemented infrastructure configuration and security automation solutions for the largest, most-demanding digital environments in the world. The experience and brain trust at SaltStack are unmatched and I’m thrilled to give our customers even more access to their expertise,” said Marc Chenn, SaltStack CEO. “The SaltStack professional services team makes the power and flexibility of SaltStack automation for infrastructure security and optimization easy for our customers through real-world learnings and best practices.”

SaltStack Getting Started Packages
For teams new to SaltStack, getting-started packages are designed to ensure customers are deploying SaltStack in their environment effectively. SaltStack offers four different getting-started packages with varying levels of on and offsite consulting hours, in addition to a sufficient number of training seats for the new team.

SaltStack Workshop Packages
For more experienced SaltStack teams, workshop packages allow SaltStack consultants to review existing implementations and make best-practice recommendations to optimize the environment as well as identify and address existing issues. SaltStack offers two different workshop packages including services for architecture review and design, pilot programs, on and offsite training, and onsite consulting.

For SaltStack customers with consulting requirements that fall outside of the getting-started or workshop packages, contact SaltStack about a custom consulting engagement.

SaltStack Certified Administrator
In addition to the SaltStack Certified Engineer certification, SaltStack now offers the SaltStack Certified Administrator certification for customers of SaltStack Enterprise products.

To become a SaltStack Certified Administrator (SSCA) a candidate must:

  • Have demonstrable real-world experience with SaltStack software.
  • Complete the SaltStack Enterprise I training courses.
  • Pass the SSCA exam.

SSCA certification candidates should take the SaltStack Enterprise I training class, as all SSCA exam questions are pulled from this training course which covers material about the SaltStack Automation Engine, the SaltStack Operations Framework and API, and the SaltStack Enterprise and SecOps consoles.

The new SaltStack consulting services packages are now available. To learn more, please visit the SaltStack consulting services page. To learn more about SaltStack certification, including the new SaltStack Certified Administrator exam, please visit the SaltStack training and certification page.

Half-off SaltStack training discount
Now through the end of March, 2020, all SaltStack training courses are available for 50% off. Take two training classes for the price of one, or train more of your team for half the price of regularly priced SaltStack training. Sign up for calendar Q1 SaltStack training courses here: and use the code SaltStackTrainingQ120-50off to receive 50% off any training class.

SaltStack training courses courses are delivered by a SaltStack Certified Trainer. Course participants can attend in person at the SaltStack training center in Lehi, Utah, or participate remotely via live webcast from anywhere in the world. Go to the SaltStack training page to learn more.

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