SaltStack demos how to manage all the things at VMworld

August 25, 2014 - Rhett Glauser

SaltStack demos how to manage and automate all the things at VMworld

Track us down at VMworld this week to see what it means to be able to manage and automate all the things (not just the VMware vCloud and vSphere things) with SaltStack. We are in booth 2347 way in the back near the New Innovator Pavilion. If you don’t have an expo hall pass and you are in the area, send us a note at and we will hook you up.

So what does it mean to provide a systems management platform that is built to manage and automate all the things? Simply put, SaltStack software doesn’t care what cloud, infrastructure or application you run, it just gives you a way to automate the maintenance and control of all of it.

Want to deploy and manage your massive infrastructure running an OpenStack private cloud with some vSphere virtualization and Docker containers baked in, while simultaneously configuring and deploying application stacks and code to an orchestrated Google Compute Engine and AWS environment? Yep, SaltStack does that at Web scale, for big IT ops…today.

We’re not announcing an arms-length partnership or posturing a misfit business alliance this week. We’re just letting you know if you’re ready to get big things done, we can help. SaltStack is no-agenda systems management software for all the hard ops jobs in heterogeneous data center environments…because you just need to get your stuff done as efficiently as possible.

<update Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2014>

We just found out we won the Best of VMworld award in the category of virtualization management. Apparently there were more than 200 nominees, so we’re pretty excited about this win.

Vmworld Gold Award for SaltStack