SaltStack Fuels Innovation for Modern Infrastructure

May 19, 2016 - Rhett Glauser

In my last post I wrote about several new SaltStack integrations and developments announced at SaltConf16 that help enterprise IT organizations more efficiently automate data center operations. But that post didn’t cover numerous innovative use cases and new products and services that are powered by SaltStack® automation, more than 70 of which were profiled at SaltConf16. Read more and learn how SaltStack fuels innovation.

Salt the Universe hat

Salt the Universe

SaltConf16 was double the size of SaltConf15 and showcased the work of innovative SaltStack users and engineers from around the world. Fifteen countries were represented at SaltConf16, from Sweden to Singapore.

This gathering of global talent clearly expressed their creative use of SaltStack to automate the universal management of data center things, not only data center environments but also more unique projects and products. Below are a few highlights of SaltConf16 talks that specifically focus on how SaltStack fuels innovation on projects at, Adobe and National Instruments. If you’d like to learn more about any of these “powered by Salt” use cases, make sure to attend one of the “Best of SaltConf16” webinars or get access to the SaltConf16 session recordings (registration link coming soon).

SaltStack container orchestration for high-performance GPU clusters announced the integration of Bitfusion Boost with SaltStack. This combination enables rapid provisioning of on-demand, high-performance GPU clusters to expedite compute resource management for applications requiring high performance. utilizes SaltStack for seamless integration of Docker hosts and containers into services. View the SaltConf16 session recording (or find just the slides here) for a walk through and demo of the deployment process used to establish a complete Docker ecosystem under SaltStack control. discusses how SaltStack provides the backbone orchestration engine that enables’s Boost technology to create virtual GPU clusters that provide maximum performance and data center utilization for business analysts, data scientists and researchers that rely on compute-intensive applications for deep learning, modeling, rendering and simulation.

SaltStack automation for the rest of the data center

SaltStack fuels Innovation and is most commonly used for command, control and configuration of servers and smart devices. But with the development of the Salt Proxy Minion and market demand for better management of edge devices we are seeing more and more adoption of SaltStack for command, control and configuration of network and embedded devices.

At SaltConf16 National Instruments spoke about how SaltStack provided an effective systems configuration management (SCM) engine to remotely control and configure non-standard targets. Necessity drove invention and National Instruments developed a solution that combined existing SaltStack functionality with custom code to produce an effective automation solution to configure and control embedded controllers.

Using SaltStack for security configuration automation, remediation and compliance
There are plenty of reasons to be concerned about data center security these days. These concerns are amplified with the complexity of enterprise scale. At SaltConf16, Adobe shared how they are using SaltStack automation and configuration management technologies to power the new Hubble open source project to deliver data center security compliance.

Adobe applied internal expertise to SaltStack automation to deliver better security visibility and compliance for large infrastructure environments. Adobe innovation combined with SaltStack tech aims to deliver configuration management profiles, a host-based intrusion detection system, file integrity monitoring, CIS compliance auditing, and osquery integration. Register to attend the “Best of SaltConf16” webinar with Christer Edwards of Adobe. Christer will provide an overview of the Hubble project highlighting the use SaltStack to automate IT ops security, compliance and infrastructure hardening.

Get access to SaltConf16 content and learn how SaltStack fuels innovation
There are three ways to get access to the SaltConf16 talks and presentations:

  1. The Best of SaltConf16 webinar series – Based on attendee feedback, and the most packed breakout session rooms, we’ve picked the best of the best SaltConf16 talks and will make them available through “The Best of SaltConf16” webinar series. Find a list of upcoming Best of SaltConf16 webinars here.
  2. SaltConf16 tech talks – SaltConf16 tech talks were delivered by the SaltStack engineering and services teams. Please request access to the video of these presentations and we will send a link to the private playlist.
  3. SaltConf16 use case talks – Most of the SaltStack customer, user and SaltConf16 sponsor video recordings are available from the SaltStack YouTube channel playlist titled, “SaltConf16” or you can watch them in the embedded video player below.