SaltStack Predictive Orchestration for the Event-Driven Infrastructure

January 24, 2015 - SaltStack Marketing

The fluid nature of cloud computing can be extremely advantageous to businesses with dynamic computing requirements. Many SaltStack customers in the online gaming, digital entertainment and video processing, and consumer application industries are consuming cloud resources on an as-needed basis with predictive orchestration to be faster to market, to increase customer satisfaction, and to save money.

SaltStack is doing its part to help make the autoscaling of any cloud resource available to any business (not just bleeding-edge tech companies) with a need to scale cloud infrastructure as demand fluctuates. Not only can SaltStack orchestrate cloud autoscaling, but the SaltStack Reactor can take this one step further through the intelligent consumption of machine and human-generated events with an appropriate reaction. We like to call this predictive orchestration.

Two recent blog posts highlight how SaltStack makes predictive orchestration and the event-driven infrastructure possible for businesses seeking additional competitive edge through the smart and automated utilization of cloud computing.

First, Nicole Thomas, SaltStack engineer, recently wrote a blog post titled, “Cloud Autoscaling with SaltStack.” Her post goes into detail explaining how to use Salt Cloud and the SaltStack Reactor together to automate reactive cloud autoscaling.

A post written by Ben Cane, a lead technical architect for a financial services company, describes how to build self-healing applications using the SaltStack Reactor and API. Ben’s article outlines the creation of an application that detects errors and automatically corrects them using SaltStack Reactor configurations. The Reactor can be used to pickup Salt API webhook requests and then perform the appropriate SaltStack executions such as restarting services, executing shell commands, or even starting a highstate.

In this case it is a good thing to let the machines take over…Skynet done right.