SaltStack and SUSE Build the Intelligently Orchestrated Data Center

September 29, 2016 - Thomas Hatch

I am consistently impressed by the breadth of the SUSE software portfolio. Their expertise in enterprise-grade computing is legendary, offering all of the components any IT organization might need to deliver the foundation for digital business. Not to mention, SUSE has a very similar approach and vision as we do in regards to open source software and community engagement. So when they approached us with an opportunity to collaborate to further optimize and orchestrate the software-defined data center, of course we were thrilled.

At its core, SaltStack is intelligent orchestration glue built to manage, secure and optimize complex enterprise data center infrastructure and application environments. Salt helps customers get the most out of their existing IT investments, from DevOps to traditional IT operations and modern cloud operations. We are working with SUSE to meet the same objective. Add SaltStack intelligent orchestration to SUSE solutions for cloud, storage, containers, etc. and you get the industry’s first intelligently orchestrated software-defined data center, right sized for any customer environment.

From our perspective, intelligent orchestration is the critical and essential variable in this equation. Traditional systems management and static configuration automation software isn’t enough to effectively address infrastructure scale, application complexity or the rapid proliferation of security threats so common in today’s computing environments. Humans can’t keep up. We need the machines to help by automating both simple and complex orchestration routines. The way we see it, there is no reason why the technology can’t consume and react to inevitable data center events and threats. SaltStack is unique in offering event-driven (intelligent) orchestration and automation of systems management tasks.

SUSE Manager 3 and SaltStack Enterprise – built on Salt

A few months ago, we took the first big step in our relationship with SUSE when they introduced SUSE Manager 3 powered by Salt configuration management. Now SaltStack Enterprise and SUSE Manager 3 are both powered by the Salt open source platform and have been purpose built to manage and secure different but complementary elements of the enterprise data center. Together we offer an extensive systems management portfolio that addresses any customer requirement.

SUSE Manager has long been an excellent open source software solution helping SUSE enterprise IT customers to reduce complexity and regain control of IT assets, and ensure compliance with internal security policies and external regulations. Version 3 of SUSE Manager added Salt open source automation for real-time, extremely flexible and scalable configuration management for SUSE Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments.

SaltStack Enterprise extends and enhances the capabilities of SUSE Manager 3 by automating the management of virtually all data center resources, including cross-platform support for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, UNIX, and just about any cloud infrastructure. SaltStack Enterprise also supports large multi-master environments at massive scale, in addition to providing enterprise-grade features such as user access control, job and system audits, data persistence and dashboards, and event filtering.

Today, I am proud to say that SaltStack Enterprise and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server together are the preferred IT automation software stack recommended and supported by SUSE and SaltStack. Take a look at the SaltStack partnership press release for more information.

Upstream Salt development with SUSE

Our work together on the SUSE Manager 3 and SaltStack Enterprise systems management portfolio is just the beginning. We have already begun work to increase development contributions to the Salt open source project for intelligent orchestration of their enterprise portfolio in addition to third-party cloud, container and storage resources. Follow us for updates, or join the development effort and contribute to the projects.