Some Salt for that Shellshock

October 2, 2014 - Rhett Glauser

From where we sit, Salt for Shellshock is Heartbleed part deux. Another day, another critical software update that needs to be deployed to hundreds, thousands and millions of devices. Infrastructure is complex and automating the operations of infrastructure at scale is crazy hard work…unless you know what you’re doing. For the unprepared the task can be daunting.

Like with Heartbleed, we watched the Twitters fill with examples of the prepared SREs, sysadmins, and IT ops folks who were prepared and used SaltStack to very quickly diagnose and remediate Salt for Shellshock across infrastructures with everything from thousands of servers to two servers. Attend the SaltStack demo webinar to learn how it is done. Bottom line, SaltStack was built for this.

Here are a few examples of Shellshock domination from our customers: