SUSE Manager Powered by SaltStack

October 28, 2015 - Rhett Glauser

We are excited to announce the next version of SUSE Manager will be powered by SaltStack. SUSE Manager 3 will be introduced next week at SUSECon 2015 in Amsterdam with beta access coming soon. SUSE has selected SaltStack to power SUSE Manager 3 for its ability to intelligently orchestrate any infrastructure while providing the most flexible and scalable configuration automation for modern application environments.

More About SUSE Manager

More about SUSE’s decision to utilize SaltStack software for┬áSUSE Manager 3 can be found in this SUSE blog post by David Byte.

SUSE Manager 3 will provide SUSE Linux Enterprise customers with these powerful capabilities for efficient and secure enterprise Linux environments:

  • The best solution for managing SUSE Linux Enterprise across cloud, virtual and bare metal infrastructure will be powered by SaltStack.
  • Reduce administrative effort, increase IT productivity and improve infrastructure reliability with the most scalable, fast and secure way of controlling your SUSE Linux Enterprise environment in real time.
  • Secure SUSE Linux Enterprise Server configurations and comply with internal policies and external regulations. Proactively eliminate configuration drift or unauthorized user access as soon as it occurs with intelligent system monitoring and remediation.
  • Manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise together and migrate data and configurations to SUSE.
  • Parallel command execution gets management tasks done immediately on ten servers or ten thousand servers.

SaltStack is a proud sponsor of SUSECon 2015. Visit us in booth 42 to learn more about SUSE Manager 3 and SaltStack software. Also, make sure to attend these three breakout sessions and the closing keynote for demonstrations and deep-dive explanations of SUSE Manager 3 powered by SaltStack:




If you won’t be at SUSECon and would like to learn more, please send a request for information to If you would like to try the power of SaltStack for yourself, register here for access to the Salt Open package downloads page.