AMD & Intel Have An Open Source Answer to CUDA!

Score another one for Tom Hatch!  He and Chunga have been trying to get to this episode for weeks!  

As all of you know, Nvidia is king.  At the first of the year, Tom said that if AMD and Intel wanted to have any hope being competetive and gaining ground against Nvidia’s AI strangle hold, they’d have to do something “Unthinkable”, and team up.  Good call Tom!

One of the main reasons Nvidia has been so dominant isn’t because their chips are so fast (which they are), it’s because the majority of their open source framework is built on top of CUDA. AMD and Intel have invested heavily in trying to come up with an answer to CUDA because their own open source offerings, HIP and ROCm, don’t have an open source CUDA compatibility layer. They’ve both tried for years on their own, to develop one, with each company investing milliions and millions of dollars, only to come up short, and give up. Well, it sounds like both AMD and Intel have been listening to Tom, and their problems may be solved. Listen now to see what they’ve done! 

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