Are New Computers Boring?

When Chunga was a kid, he was the biggest computer geek he knew. Tom (obviously) was exactly the same way. They used to love the days when new computers would hit the market so they could get one, and mod the crap out of it! 

In todays world, that level of excitement seems to faded into history.  Sure, people get excited about new tech, but not like Chunga and Tom did back in the day.  Now, when people buy the newest and coolest computer, they tend to use it “as is” until it slows down to the point of being an annoyance. When that happens, they throw it away and get a new one.

Chunga says it’s sad to see that computers have truly become utilitarian, making them–in a word–boring. Tom agrees but says thats not entirely true. He knows of a few start up computer makers that are designing computers in a completely different way, and these scrappy, disruptive new innovators are blowing his mind!  What are they doing that has Tom so impressed?  Listen now to find out!!

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