Are Some Tech Companies Too Big Too Fail?

Nividia is big. It’s been really big for a long time. Last week it got even bigger!  

Nividia had their earnings call late last week and caused quite a stir, in a good way, on Wall Street and it made their stock rise 16% in one day. While Nividia is the big dog, they’re definitely not alone. There are more than just a handful of big tech companies that are no longer “big”, they’re gigantic!

There are some in the media and tech experts are saying that these companies like Nividia, Broadcom, and AMD have become too big. So big that their stocks could cause problems with an individuals investment portfolio or greatly affect the overall economy.  Some are even using a phrase that we all heard repeatedly during the housing crisis of 2008, “Too big to fail”. Do you agree with that statement?

Tom has some very strong opinions about some of the things being said about these big tech companies.  Does he think their stock prices are too inflated? Does he think they’re too big to fail, or are things only going to get bigger and better?  Listen now to find out!

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