Did Open Tofu steal new Terraform code?!

Do you remember a few episodes ago, when Chunga said “The tech industry is terrible at this! We’re the worst I’ve ever seen, in any industry, when it comes to taking 20-steps to do something, when it can be done in two!” This episode of The Hacks, is a perfect case study of what Chunga’s talking about.

Recently, Terraform changed it’s license. Shortly after, a group of open source community members forked Terraform and renamed it “Open Tofu”.  Last week, it looks like someone within the Open Tofu eco-system has caused an awful lot of trouble. Why? Well, there is a solid accusation that Open Tofu has stolen some new features of a recent release of Terraform. To make things even more contentious and embarassing, they didn’t just steal the complete feature set, they also stole the line by line code of the Terraform copywrite itself.  Tom is shocked, asking the question “How could someone be this freakin stupid?!?” 

How does something like this happen? More importantly, whats going to happen next? Tom knows exactly why this kind of thing happens, and he has several different examples of what’s going to happen next! Listen NOW

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