Distributed Computing, No Universal Remedy

Somehow, while watching Tom eat a sandwich, Chunga managed to equate Toms lunch to Kubernetes and containerization. Once again proving–Chunga is a genius.

Tom says Kubernetes has its place and purpose, but it has fallen far short of the intense hype that surrounded it when it first came on to the scene. He remembers a time, back in 2015, when people boldy declared that “all infrastructure will be Kubernetes!” This is something that Tom has never believed. Furthermore, he says universal distributed computing is still a long way from being realized.  Why is that?

After all this time and evolution, one would think that distributed computing, and data centers would be simple and common place in todays world. Tom has a singular reason why this is not the case. He also says that distrubuted computing is a unicorn, and going to remain so until this one, single, reason is standarized. What is it?  Listen NOW to find out!

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