Three Lies SecOps Teams Tell Themselves

April 7, 2020

For the second time, Alex Peay, Senior VP of Product and Marketing at SaltStack joins Tom & Chunga. The Hacks have asked Alex to return to talk about a blog he wrote called “Three Lies SecOps Teams Tell Themselves”.

Alex wrote this blog after attending this year’s RSA Conference in San Francisco. After attending several meetings and speeches, he started noticing a common narrative that was threaded throughout all of the presentations; regardless of who was talking.

This narrative had a problem–it wasn’t accurate. Actually, it wasn’t even true! Over the course of this conference, Alex determined that he was hearing three lies, over and over.  What were they? Listen now to find out.

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Alex Peay’s blog “Three Lies SecOps Teams Tell Themselves So They Can Sleep At Night”

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