Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Is It Really A Revolution?

February 25, 2020

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. In 2020, these two terms just may be the most trendy terms in tech but are they really as revolutionary as people say they’re going to be?

Historically speaking, the AI and ML hype machine revs up and comes around every 10-years or so. Alan Turing was the first innovator to talk about AI in 1950 and by his standards, the computer industry has completely accomplished Artificial Intelligence.

Tom Hatch has some very strong and wide-ranging opinions when it comes to AI and ML. In this episode, he talks with Chunga about the future possibilities and whether or not AI and ML are deserving of all the hype.

Are Chunga and Tom on the AI and ML revolution bandwagon? Listen now to find out!

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AIThority Interview With Thomas Hatch

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