Creating Irresistible IOT Device Management!

August 25, 2020

Tom and Chunga are talking about IOT (Internet of Things) in this episode of The Hacks! It’s of particular interest to the SaltStack crowd because automation is such an important aspect of IoT device management.

Recently, Chunga read an article which featured industry experts claiming that regardless of size, virtually all IOT development projects will take at least twice as long as originally planned.

Tom isn’t surprised by this assessment at all. He says people are notoriously bad at understanding the scope and conditions of IOT projects. They’re also really bad at understanding how their product will actually be used in everyday life.

A big reason for this is simply because IOT designers have to imagine what the world will look like when the project is completed rather than what it looks like in present day. Oftentimes, the technology required to finish a specific product doesn’t even exist at the time the project is started.

Once the new product is sent out into the world, it turns out that IoT device management is a lot harder than it might look.

Why would anyone in their right mind choose to get into the business of creating IOT devices?  Tom says “it’s because of fame and fortune man!!” For many people, IOT is the modern-day gold rush.

While this pursuit may be irresistible for hordes of businesses, Tom says the issue and complexities surrounding IOT are only going to get worse. Chunga on the other hand is skeptical and feels that most of the IOT devices that are currently being pushed to market are gimmicks, nothing more.  Is Chunga right?  Listen now!

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Want an example from the real world? Domotz created an IoT provisioning channel, based on SaltStack, that is serving around 20,000 IoT devices. Domotz’s Giancarlo Fanelli gave a talk explaining how it works and why the company chose SaltStack for the task in a talk he gave at a recent SaltConf event. 

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