Cybersecurity During the Coronavirus Pandemic

March 24, 2020

Chunga and Tom are still recording The Hacks podcast!

They’ve figured out a way to record a new episode of The Hacks and will continue to deliver a new episode every, single, Tuesday for as long as they possibly can!

This week, The Hacks are talking about cybersecurity during the coronavirus pandemic. Rumors are flying everywhere, Chunga recently saw a news story where the reporter was predicting a 700% increase in global cybercrime. While Tom is somewhat skeptical of that assessment, he says it does make sense. Hackers do indeed have an unprecedented window of opportunity.

Companies have been forced to shift the way in which they operate on a global scale. Their digital infrastructure is being required to shift as well; very quickly. To make things worse, the internet itself is seeing record-breaking traffic and stress. Could this burden on infrastructure be creating massive vulnerabilities not only to businesses but individuals as well? Listen now to find out.

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