Hacking the U.S. Power Grid

September 9, 2020

Chunga has been complaining for years that the threat of a bad actor hacking the U.S. Power Grid is real. The nation’s electrical grid could easily be hacked or destroyed. He says every time he tries to talk about it, everyone looks at him like he’s crazy… Everyone that is, except Tom.

The vulnerabilities that surround the Power Grid are something that has worried Tom for a long time as well and he says Chunga is right to be so concerned. In fact, the U.S. Power Grid is more vulnerable right now, in 2020, than at any other time in our nation’s history.

It’s not something that people really think about. Our electricity is something that’s always just–there!  We flip a switch and it works; we don’t imagine that it couldn’t. However, if someone crashes it, much of the compromised infrastructure couldn’t just be repaired. It would have to be rebuilt entirely.

Why is the hacking the U.S. power grid such a concern in 2020? Is it because of how divided the American people are currently? Is due to a lack of funding? Actually, no! The real reason it’s so vulnerable is something quite different.  Listen now to find out!

Tom says “a lot of the problem is that people say [a failed power grid] could never happen. We take it so for granted that that power grid stays up. And it’s nowhere near as redundant as we all think it is.” He goes on to point out that “if you’ve got digital access points or even wireless IoT devices that can be compromised, you can be in a huge amount of trouble… A sizeable portion of the vulnerabilities that they find in the infrastructure control software is vulnerable to remote attacks.”

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