Plugin Oriented Pop, Umbra, Idem & Heist OH MY!

February 10, 2020

In 2011, Thomas Hatch created an open source program called Salt. In the years since Salt has become a program that’s used by millions of people.  It’s gotten big… Very, very big.

As software grows, it becomes more brittle and less flexible. It’s because of this that Tom created a brand new program called POP. POP stands for “Plugin Oriented Programing”. It’s brand new and revolutionary in the way a person can build new software on top of it. Simply put, all programs written in POP are compatible or “pluggable” with each other!

While Tom was in the testing phase of POP, he created 3 additional products just to see how pluggable POP could be. Those the products are called Heist, Umbra and Idem. In this episode, Chunga and Tom talk about all of these products. What do these products do? How do they work? Listen now to get all the details.

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