The Banana Problem. How ubiquitous tech can be a liability

July 21, 2020

Tom Hatch loves to create his own terms for different things. Chunga refers to these terms as “Hatchisms”! One of the more commonly used terms that Tom loves is “The Banana Problem”.

What is the banana problem? Simply put, the banana problem is what happens when too many things are engineered to be very similar to one another. The tech/software industry has a huge banana problem! Software is omnipresent and most of it–outside of a few small variances–is very similar. It’s one of the main reasons hackers are able to target companies like Microsoft, Twitter and well… everybody!

Is the banana problem something that can be solved quickly or is it something that will take a long time to fix? Tom has some ideas on what can be done to deal with this issue and perhaps speed things up a bit. Listen now!

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