Tom Hatch and Building a Massive Open Source Project

February 10, 2020

Welcome to the inaugural episode of a brand new podcast called “The Hacks”.  It’s hosted by 2 guys that make an unlikely team!

Thomas Hatch obsessed with computers and is the creator of a world renown, open source program called Salt. He’s also the Co-founder and CTO of SaltStack

Jimmy Chunga is a writer and media personality who loves video games but knows almost nothing about computers!

Every week, Tom and Chunga will discuss a wide variety of topics, ranging from cybersecurity and infrastructure automation to current events and history.

In this first episode, Chunga interviews Tom to find out more about his life, how he became so obsessed with computers, coding, the open source community and why he created Salt. He also talks with Tom about his love of video games and his history in the U.S. Intelligence community.

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