What Is SecOps and Why Should You Care?

February 10, 2020

SecOps. It’s something that Thomas Hatch is very passionate about. What exactly does that term mean?

SecOps is the practice of automating IT and security operations in order to get the two departments to work more efficiently with one another. There’s always been varying degrees of friction between security and IT operations teams. Why is that?

It’s the security team’s job to find and vulnerabilities within an infrastructure. Once they do, those risks are reported to the IT operations teams so they can be fixed. IT operations teams are under tremendous pressure to move quickly and maintain “up-time”. Fixing infrastructure vulnerabilities requires an uncomfortable amount of both time and money which slows down the entire operation. Oftentimes, these problems never get fixed for that reason. Unfortunately, if the problem doesn’t get fixed and there’s a breach, it’s the security team that is held responsible.

This is where SecOps becomes the solution!

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