What Makes An Open Source Community Special?

February 10, 2020

The open source community is interesting. It’s massive and made up of brilliant men and women. It’s also incredibly transient. What is it about open source that makes people flock to it the way they do?

Tom initially went to open source so that he didn’t have to re-build his work every time he switched jobs. Even though he wasn’t well connected to people within the open source community, his work quickly gained popularity. Why did this happen? Tom thinks it happened because found they could use his program Salt to solve their own individual problems.

Most people in the open source community are there for completely selfish reasons which is actually a great thing! This selfishness leads to community contributions, those contributions help each piece of software evolve and get better. Tom and Chunga each have a favorite piece of open source software.  What are they? Listen now to find out!

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